Finland-Africa Platform
for Innovation (SDG 9)

Fostering innovations through sustainable and mutual partnerships

Logo for UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 on Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureFinland-Africa Platform for Innovation (SDG 9) – FAPI is a network composed of 26 Finnish higher education institutions.  The aim of FAPI is to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 in Africa by promoting innovations together with African partners.

For FAPI, an innovation can be any novel way to achieve goals better while advancing sustainable development and responsibility. It can be a product, service, mode of organization or even a new area for modified activities.

The network aims at creating new competencies, high quality joint research, teaching, innovations, and new cooperation models through mutual, responsible and sustainable partnerships.

In concrete terms, FAPI offers a platform for:

  • innovative, joint research projects;
  • innovative education cooperation, and;
  • co-creative social innovation projects.

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