FAPI meeting/ webinar about lessons learned and future collaboration after 2024

30.05.2024 10:00 - 11:30

Towards new horizons: Recap on FAPI and imagining the future 30.5. 2024

10.00 – 11.30 online in Zoom

https://utu.zoom.us/j/68708868893 (you can also copy the link on your browser)

Please check FAPI website for possible updates and changes

10.00 – 10.10 Welcome and purpose of the event
Professor Jussi Jauhiainen, Coordinator Kirsi Korpela

10.10 – 10.50 Lessons learnt: FAPI case collaborations in focus

  • Lessons learnt and best practices from research collaboration with African partners by
    Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, Antti Pinomaa, Associate Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.)
  • Building a vibrant multidisciplinary education collaboration with African universities
    Desale Tewelde Kahsay, Doctoral Researcher, PhD Programme in Clinical Research, Department of
    Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, University of Turku
    Sanna Salanterä, Professor, Nursing Science, University of Turku
  • Uniarts Helsinki’s FAPI project – Nordic / Pan-African Studio –
    Forging Decolonizing Partnerships – challenges and possibilities
    Daniel Peltz, UniArts FAPI Project Leader, Daniel Peltz, Professor of Time and Space Arts

10.50 – 11.10 Reflecting on the results of the global networks

Member university perspective: Roseanna Avento, Global Development Manager, University of Eastern
Finnish higher education national cooperation on and in Africa from the perspective of the Africa global
networks: Johanna Pajula, Coordinator for SAFINET, Tampere University

11.10 – 11.30 Questions and discussion and closing of the event

Please feel free to raise your own
question to the discussion. Prepared questions e.g. the following:

  • what lessons you have learned during the pilot?
  • what kind of activities at the national level you would like to keep?
  • what topics are such that national level cooperation or coordination is hoped for? Or do we need
    national level cooperation after all?
  • what are the most important practices we should keep in our minds in the future when cooperating
    with African universities and other stakeholders?

>>FAPI discussions_300524_final (download the full programme here)