Welcome to hear about Norwegian company’s experiences in Africa on 13 February at 14:15

13.02.2024 14:15 - 15:15

As part of Åbo Akademi course on business and human right, there is an interesting case study company for our class Business and Human right.

The case is a Norwegian firm SPENN (www.spenn.com) with operation in several African countries in digital mobile banking with the aim to make the world particularly Africa to be a more financial connected place, aligning with the UN sustainable development goals.

The company has developed the SPENN technology, built on blockchain technology, SPENN combines chat, real-time payments and a bank account enabling everyone to manage their savings, payments, and investments in an honest, transparent, and secure way. Their mission is to give everyone equal financial opportunities through innovative technology, and we aim to realise our vision through SPENN, our advanced financial platform.

CEO of SPENN Jens Glaso is coming to present the case to students and researchers.

The presentation is interesting for anyone teaching or doing research related to digitalisation, block chain technology, Financial inclusion, ethics, policies and Sustainability/CSR and the perspective of internationalisation of a Norwegian firm in Africa.

Anyone who interested in data or research in relation to what he does can hang out and chat with him afterwards.

When? 13 February at 14:15 to 15:15

Where? ASA school of Business and Economics, C122, Lilla Auditoriet

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Please sign up: irene.kujala@abo.fi