CALL FOR SPEAKERS Sustainable Energy: opportunities for co-creation and collaboration  

Organised by SANORD special interest group for SDG9 and the FAPI-network on Friday 23 February at 13–16 (CAT)

Climate change, economic and population growth has brought us to the situation where the world needs to invest more to the sustainable energy transition to achieve the Sustainable Energy Goals. Many countries already have ambitions plans for this. Renewable energy has the potential to provide electricity to millions Africans currently deprived of it. It will create jobs and stimulate industrialisation. What is the role of Higher education and research in this process? How collaboration between South and North can boost this development? What kind of concrete initiatives we could take forward in our network?

We are looking for speakers with different approaches (also multidisciplinary). Please send your topic and short introduction to by February 9, 2024.

The exact schedule and timing of the webinar will be announced when we have the whole programme finalised.