Collaboration in Research and Education seminar will take place in October

We are happy to welcome you to the African Research Day on 27 October 2023!

Collaboration in Research and Education – seminar is organised in Turku, Finland with the aim to bring together academic experts from various and multidisciplinary fields who can represent diverse voices and are actively engaged in research. The seminar provides a platform to demonstrate examples of excellent collaboration between Finland and African countries and to discuss the importance and measures for success of research collaboration. The event is a great opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing and talking about best-practice in innovation through mutual, responsible and sustainable partnerships.

The seminar is part of the FAPI network and focused on fostering innovations through collaboration with African partners, especially in joint research projects, innovative education cooperation and co-creative social innovation projects. The FAPI network connects 26 Finnish higher education institutions and encourages research cooperation and collaboration with African counterparts.

More information about the event