FAPI–SANORD webinar gathered specialists from the north and south

Climate change, economic and population growth has brought us to the situation where the world needs to invest more to the sustainable energy transition to achieve the Sustainable Energy Goals. Many countries already have ambitions plans for this. Renewable energy has the potential to provide electricity to millions of Africans currently deprived of it. It will create jobs and stimulate industrialisation. What is the role of Higher education and research in this process? How collaboration between South and North can boost this development? What kind of concrete initiatives we could take forward in our network?

SANORD specialist interest group SDG9 and FAPI network organised a webinar on 23 February about Sustainable Energy: opportunities for co-creation and cooperation. The event gathered around 20 participants online. “We heard and saw several presentations on energy problematics both Nordic and African perspectives”, comments Professor Juha Kaskinen.

The event was opened by Umesh Bawa, Director of the SANORD Central Office. Director Bawa’s opening speech was followed by two presentations from the University of Turku, Professor Jussi Jauhiainen and Professor Juha Kaskinen.

After that, Professor Benjamin Mapani, Mining Engineering from Namibia University of Science and Technology gave a presentation that was followed by PhD candidate Fernando Mucomole from the Centre of Research in Energy, Eduardo Mondlane University. The event’s final presentation was given by Associate Professor Marcus Lundgren from the Department of Energy Sciences, Lund University.

“The end discussion was very active and it highlighted both challenges and opportunities in sustainable energy transformation in Africa. Joint interests and collaboration opportunities were identified between scholars from the EU and Africa” says Professor Jussi Jauhiainen, academic coordinator of FAPI, University of Turku.

We hope to organise joint webinars also in the future. FAPI–SANORD webinars are open for all FAPI members. You do not have to be SANORD member to attend the joint events.

“As the group is recently established, any new ideas, new active members and new input for joint activities and projects are welcome! The SDG 9 coordinating team at the University of Turku is encouraging anyone interested to join the FAPI coordinated SANORD SDG9 group for future development of joint activities and projects as well as to share information in this platform”, says Satu Nurmi, from the coordination team of FAPI.  

To join and receive information and invitation to the on-line meetings, please add your contact information and give the coordinator team at the University of Turku and it’s FAPI network permissions to add you to the SIG 9 communication platforms here