Join Sanord Special interest Group for SDG 9

United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 9 aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation. The purpose is to unleash dynamic and competitive economic forces, to generate employment and income, to promote new technologies, to facilitate international trade as well as to enable the efficient use of resources. As the innovation in this group is defined in the very broad and multidisciplinary way – in addition to the technological innovations – innovation can also be e.g. social innovation. It can, for example, be a product, service, mode of organisation or even a new area for modified activities. 

Are you interested to join? 

As the group is recently established, any new ideas, new active members and new input for joint activities and projects are welcome! The SIG 9 coordinating team at the University of Turku is encouraging anyone interested to join the Sanord group for future development of joint activities and projects as well as to share information in this platform.  

To join and receive information and invitation to the on-line meetings, please add your contact information and give the coordinator team at the University of Turku and it’s FAPI network permissions to add you to the SDG 9 communication platforms here. 

Welcome on board!  

 Sanord Special interest group for SDG 9 was launched in connection of the Sanord Webinar on Innovations for Sustainable Development organized by FAPI – Finland-Africa Platform for Innovation (SDG 9) in August 2021. During the Sanord Conference in Hamar in 2023, FAPI network organised a member launching event to invite new individual academics from Nordics and Africa and other stakeholders to join the SIG. During that meeting there was lot of interest especially towards technological innovation projects. The coordinating team is looking forward for active new cooperation in the multidisciplinary and international context. 

More information about FAPI and special interest group