Join the thematic meetings to discuss the cooperation in your interest areas

FAPI aims to create sustainable partnerships in research, education, as well as in co-creative innovation projects between Finnish and African universities and higher education institutions as well as other actors. The network’s aim is to develop activities, events, publications, projects, funding applications and more together. The thematic discussions could facilitate the preparation of the creation of these concrete actions created together. Therefore, the FAPI network will offer the possibility for the members and their co-operators for discussions in smaller groups connected to thematic subject areas.

Therefore, in November (or end of October), FAPI aims to organise the first three thematic meetings to discuss the cooperation in those areas particularly.

In order to check the interest and availability of the members, there are now Doodle links open (until October 15th). If you are interested in one of the topics, please choose the times suitable for you.

If there is interest for these meetings, other thematic meetings will follow for example in Natural and environmental sciences and Economy, leadership and business and Arts and Humanities. Please note that Engineering and Technology was one of the topics which was of special interest in SANORD special interest group arranged in Norway in September. In that area there is also potential to create cooperation in the SANORD context together with Southern African and Nordic actors.