spenn event

Norwegian company shared experiences on digital mobile banking sector in Africa

On Tuesday the Åbo Akademi School of Business and Economics, Turku had the wonderful opportunity to have a Guest Speaker Jens Glaso, CEO of the Norwegian firm Blockbonds-Spenn, which operates in the digital mobile banking sector.
Jens presentation was part University–industry course collaboration (SPENN-ÅA collaboration) for our Business and Human Right Course.
Throughout the lecture, Jens Glaso offered insights on several themes including how digital innovation is used in Africa to promote knowledge sharing for sustainability, internationalisation strategies, digitalisation (focusing on blockchain technology), financial inclusion and its implication for African economies.
Jens Glaso also helped our students teams apply these themes to their course project. Thank you, Jens Glaso  for the opportunity and enhancing our students learning  experience!
spenn event
Photo and text by Irene Kujala